Why I’m Running

I’m a no-nonsense problem solver. I want to transform the Assessor’s Office and jump start a slow moving bureaucracy. I have worked with the Assessor’s Office for years and have first hand experience with the how the office works – and doesn’t work for residents.

We need an Assessor who respects property owners and taxpayers. During the Great Recession of 2008-2011, I identified flaws in Alameda County’s assessment that caused one of our family businesses to be overtaxed. Challenging the wrong assessment and correcting this mistake was complicated, and I realized that the process would be terribly confusing for average citizens. Over the years, I’ve assisted many residents and business owners file appeals in order to receive an accurate assessment for their homes and businesses.

YOU, the taxpayer deserve working with an office that will be quick, easy and fair!
• I believe in fair and accurate taxation, not overtaxation.
• I’m excited to bring fresh ideas and outside real estate legal experience to the Assessor’s Office – giving this slow moving bureaucracy a jump-start.
• As Assessor, one of my goals will be to work with the state to simplify the forms that small business owners are required to fill out.
• When a property owner has questions about how to fill out forms, we will have volunteer legal agencies help those customers at the Assessor’s Office.
• I want to take the Assessors Office’s services directly to the neighborhoods by providing real estate, financial and estate planning workshops. I want to help middle income families find affordable housing and keep their housing affordable; one way is to make sure that they are not being overcharged taxes.
• A taxpayer focused Assessor must be dedicated to using technology. I will focus on modernizing and improving our processes. Right now, the Assessor’s Office still maintains paper files of important documents. Those documents need to be digitized!


It is a great question! The Assessor places a value on your property – both residential and commercial.  How much property tax you pay is according to that value. This is an important task, which directly affects your ability to afford to keep your residence and business, not to mention your quality of life.